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Real Estate Litigation

Maryland Real Estate Litigators Resolve Difficult Issues

Dedicated Rockville attorneys assist with liens and loan modifications

The outcome of real estate litigation can change the lives of you and your family. With stakes that high, you need an attorney with a strong track record and caring attitude. At The Kurland Law Group in Rockville, we are committed to taking care of our clients as we pursue their goals. When Maryland clients need skilled representation for property matters such as foreclosures, liens and loan modifications, they turn to us for knowledgeable, practical guidance. Over 40 years of combined practice, the firm’s lawyers have been recognized for our professionalism and ability to make a positive change for the people we represent. If you have a real estate concern and seek someone to litigate effectively on your behalf, we are ready to assist you.

Skilled lawyers protect clients’ rights in real estate disputes

If you are already experiencing money problems, dealing with banks and courts adds to your burden. Our seasoned lawyers address legal details and advise you on how to handle issues such as:

  • Homeowner liens — If a lien has been attached to your property by a creditor, a homeowners association or a tax authority, we can take steps to clear the title. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and are well acquainted with the relevant Maryland laws.
  • Foreclosures — A notice of foreclosure is not the last word on a property issue, even if you are several months behind on payments. Lenders must follow strict rules in foreclosure actions, and our firm vigorously challenges any violations as we work to find a resolution that allows you to remain in your home.
  • Property conflicts — Disagreements over property involve laws and procedures that don’t apply to other disputes. We can explain and uphold your rights in any type of conflict relating to residential or commercial real estate.

In every case, we provide individualized attention so that we can help clients achieve their specific goals. We start with a free phone consultation so that one of our attorneys can develop a true understanding of your situation and priorities.

Caring advocates negotiate mortgages and loan modifications

Financial problems that make it difficult to keep up with mortgage payments are often the result of an unexpected crisis such as a medical emergency, divorce or job loss. In these situations, a loan modification can avert foreclosure and put homeowners on a payment schedule they can meet. We know how mortgage lenders work, and we are able to find creative solutions that can extend deadlines and adjust rates to give you the best possible chance of keeping your home.

Contact an experienced Maryland real estate litigator for a free phone consultation

The Kurland Law Group advises Maryland clients on real estate issues and a full range of debt relief matters, including bankruptcy and foreclosure. Please call our Rockville office at 301-284-0867 or contact us online to schedule a free phone consultation.