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Litigation Services

Handling Litigation Throughout Maryland

Legal disputes can be overwhelming, frustrating and time-consuming. When you face a dispute with another individual or business, it is important to have an attorney whose interests are aligned with yours. The Kurland Law Group provides experienced, personalized and client-centered representation that is focused on resolving disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner while also achieving clients’ goals.

Discuss your case with a skilled Rockville litigation attorney at the Kurland Law Group. Call 301-284-0867 or contact our firm online to arrange a confidential initial phone consultation. The Kurland Law Group represents clients in Maryland and beyond.

Representing Consumers In Business And Civil Disputes

The Kurland Law Group offers more than two decades of experience serving the legal needs of individuals and consumers in Maryland. We are adept at meticulously analyzing cases, conducting thorough investigation and providing knowledgeable legal advice in a broad spectrum of legal conflicts. Some of the litigation areas in which our firm’s lawyers represent individuals and consumers include:

  • Bankruptcy court litigation: Are creditors challenging your bankruptcy petition? Are concerns being raised regarding purchases made just prior to your filing for bankruptcy? Are you being accused of fraud? Our attorneys can advocate for your interests and work to ensure your bankruptcy moves forward as planned.
  • Fraudulent preference defense litigation: Are you facing litigation to recover funds paid toward debt owed to you simply because of the time frame in which the funds were paid — within 90 days of the debtor filing for bankruptcy? There are situations where debtors intentionally defrauded the system, and intentionally defrauded creditors, by transferring assets to a third party or by intentionally paying creditors that would otherwise have little priority during the bankruptcy process.
    However, in many situations, payments made to creditors are in good faith, but because of the time frame in which they were made, they are now being questioned by the bankruptcy trustee. The Kurland Law Group provides defense litigation to companies facing fraudulent preference claims and other preference claims being pursued by a debtor’s Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee.
  • Collections disputes: Are you being harassed for a debt that is not yours? Do you feel creditors or collection agencies are treating you unjustly? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act dictates the manner in which debts can be collected — and the type of conduct that is illegal. The Kurland Law Group can stand up for your rights and work to resolve issues with creditors through debt settlement, bankruptcy or other debt relief solutions.
  • Debt settlement disputes: Did you believe a debt was settled only to find you are the victim of a debt settlement scam? Don’t give up. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can hold fraudulent debt settlement companies accountable and resolve debt concerns for good.
  • Fraud: Are you the victim of real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud or other type of consumer fraud? Our law firm can provide experienced and dedicated legal guidance that is focused on asserting your interests and holding the individuals or business responsible for your suffering.

Diverse And Sophisticated Legal Representation In Maryland

Since Kurland Law Group offers a broad spectrum of litigation services, the skilled lawyers at the firm also help consumers who need help with:

  • Breach of contract disputes: Were terms of a verbal or written contract broken? Whether you need assistance enforcing the terms of a contract, recovering compensation rightfully due under the contract or obtaining specific performance, the contract litigation attorneys at our firm can effectively represent your interests.
  • Real estate disputes: Did you learn of undisclosed property concerns, title defects or other problems after closing on your new home? Our lawyers can effectively represent your interests in real estate litigation arising from buyer-seller disputes, fraud, nondisclosure and other issues.
  • Construction disputes: Do you need experienced advice in dealing with construction defect claims, mechanic’s liens, unfulfilled construction contracts, collection matters or other construction litigation? We can answer your questions, assert your interests and help you navigate the legal process.

Recognizing the time and expense often associated with litigation, we often explore alternatives to trial such as resolving disputes through negotiations or mediation. Firm founder Sari Kurland has more than 20 years of legal experience, giving her the knowledge, negotiation skills and determination to effectively represent the interests of clients at the negotiating table. However, when settling the lawsuit is not in the best interests of a client, our firm is equipped to provide strong representation at trial.

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Whether you anticipate an impending lawsuit, need experienced counsel pursuing a lawsuit or require skilled counsel after being served with a lawsuit, you can count on the personalized and experienced counsel provided by the Kurland Law Group. Call an experienced Maryland civil litigation attorney at 301-284-0867 or contact our firm online to arrange a consultation.

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