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At the Kurland Law Group, we focus our practice on helping individuals, families and businesses recover from the overwhelming burden of debt. Our attorneys are committed to providing the highest levels of service and communication. You won’t find our firm to be “just another” bankruptcy law firm. You get personalized client service, attention to detail and an honest commitment to helping you transform your financial future.

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From our law firm in Rockville, Maryland, we represent clients throughout southwestern Maryland. Is it time to talk to a professional about your financial worries? Start here. Call our office at 301-284-0867 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free confidential initial phone consultation.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your current debt problems such as student loan debt, tax arrears and other IRS problems, medical bills, credit card debt and other debt issues. We will also discuss solutions to stop home foreclosure, stop wage garnishment or repossession, and put an end to creditor harassment. Some of the debt relief solutions we may discuss include:

Our experienced Rockville bankruptcy attorneys understand the hesitation many people have when considering filing for bankruptcy. We thoroughly address alternatives to bankruptcy and explain why a for-profit debt workout company probably won’t work to solve your debt problems. We explain the benefits of bankruptcy, help you understand the process and tell you what to expect after bankruptcy. When you are informed, you are capable of making smart decisions about your financial future.

Stop The Creditor Calls Immediately

By law, when you hire an attorney to handle your foreclosure, address your student loan debt or resolve other debt problems, collection agencies and creditors must immediately cease and desist from contacting you. The harassing phone calls at home and work will stop right away. The threatening collection letters will come to my office, not your mailbox. In about 90 days, you can have the fresh start your family needs. I can also advise you about fair debt collection practices and make sure your creditors adhere to them.

Experienced In Handling Complex, High-Income Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcy is not exclusive to lower income residents. Higher income individuals come to me seeking a fresh financial start. With more than two decades of experience, the attorneys at our firm have the knowledge and skill to effectively handle complex bankruptcy filings, which often include qualifying clients via the means test for a Chapter 7 discharge.

For clients from all incomes and backgrounds, we provide personalized attention, unlike many bankruptcy “mills” where clients are numbers, not names.

Loan Modifications Attorneys Providing You With Non-Bankruptcy Options

Many clients are facing the worst situation they can possibly imagine. Yet, bankruptcy may not be the best option for them. Their financial problems can be fixed with a loan modification of their mortgage or short sale of their home, vacation residence or investment property. Programs exist where property values are reduced and payments are lowered. We can help you determine which debt relief strategy is appropriate for your situation.

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Discuss your concerns and get answers to your questions about bankruptcy. Talk to an experienced and dedicated bankruptcy lawyer. Contact our office to arrange a free confidential initial phone consultation today.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.