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Debtor’s Prison???


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Debtor’s Prison???

I thought you would be interested in this: Related Posts: Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extension

Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extension

There was a lot of speculation going into the new year regarding whether or not the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 would be extended through 2013. The Mortgage Debt Relief Act protects distressed homeowners from having to pay taxes on the difference between the amount owed on the mortgage and the price of the […]

Short Sales On The Rise

According to industry reports released earlier this quarter, Broward short sales have increased by over 60%. One of the reasons banks are approving an increased number of short sales is due to the $25 billion mortgage settlement reached earlier this year between mortgage lenders and the government. As a result of negligent conduct and poor […]

Foreclosure? Not so fast.

Banks are taking longer and longer to foreclose on borrowers in default. Take a look at this very informative article from The Wall Street Journal. Related Posts: Short Sales on the Rise

Blogging – to pay or not to pay?

My website sales rep came to the office last week and asked me if I wanted to pay for blogging services, to pay his company to post information on my website for me. I didn’t think that they could or should represent me – that the posts should be genuine – that they should be […]

Fox 5 News Monday October 11, 2010 – Sari Kurland on the Foreclosure Crisis

  I was interviewed on Monday October 11, 2010 by Melanie Alnwick from Fox 5 News. Please click on the link to see the story.

Really Old Test Post

On behalf of Kurland Law Group on Friday, January 1, 2010. “I speak, miss, of twenty years ago. He married-an English lady-and I was one of the trustees. His affairs, like the affairs of many other French gentlemen and French families, were entirely in hands. In a similar way I am, or I have been, […]